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The benefits of being a BGCS member

18 February 2016

Last week we had a very interesting question posed to us... What do members get for their £100 membership fee?

I have always assumed that you just had to be a member of the BGCS and that was that if you wanted to get anywhere in Gynaecological Oncology? Did you think the same? Nonetheless it is a valid point. What do we provide for £100 every January?

  • Receive regular email updates on consultation documents and other matters crucial to our subspecialty
  • Enjoy up to £130 off the standard late consultant conference booking rate
  • Have your say via regular surveys of members concerning national strategy and developments
  • Be supported in your application for national clinical excellence awards
  • Make sure our community fosters links with and works with international societies to promote excellence and innovation
  • Ensure the future of gynaecological oncology training is fit for purpose
  • Take advantage of the BGCS supporting your local MDT
  • Access the members area of the website for a directory of contacts in the gynaeoncology community extending to all UK local and specialist gynaecology MDTs
  • Become involved in the work of the subgroups which include training, IT, guidelines, commissioning and non-surgical oncology
  • Claim tax relief on your subscription to this registered charity
  • Receive the acclaimed biannual newsletter

But surely the most important benefit is that the BGCS provides a forum for the Gynae Oncology community to meet - either virtually (website etc), by phone or at our meetings.

Not only does this provide an opportunity for networking, but is also a platform to present research/service developments. With our desire to increase the voice of our community in the health world, the BGCS is also involved.

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The cost: £100.00
The value: priceless!