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2016 Subscription increase

1 November 2015

For some years now it has been apparent that the BGCS subscription of £50 per member (which was set before most of the council can remember, before websites and before the modern costs of doing business), is insufficient to support the expenses of our small but modern society.

As a result we have been running an annual deficit and consuming our reserves.

There were a number of issues regarding the society which meant that these deficits were originally quite large and the officers felt that these should be addressed before asking the membership to contribute more.

To this end over the last 4 years efficiencies have been made and the deficit has been reduced dramatically - but a deficit remains.

In order to return the society back to a financially sustainable footing, you will recall we asked all members via the 2015 Membership Survey for an indication of how much the subs should increase to in 2016. Almost 90% of you indicated that you would be prepared for us to increase subs to £100 with effect from January 2016 and this was ratified at the AGM in Gateshead in July.