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NCRAS cervical cancer radical hysterectomy analysis

15 May 2019

Please see the executive summary paper from NCRAS summarising the findings of the analysis of MAS v open radical hysterectomy in England for cervical cancer 2013-16. The BGCS guidance statements for professionals and the public are also posted on this site. A formal peer review publication by NCRAS and BGCS...

Sentinel Consensus Document for Endometrial and Cervical Cancer BGCS

13 May 2019

The BGCS is pleased to present these consensus statements on the use of sentinel lymph node staging in the management of cervical, endometrial and vulval malignancies. The statement reflects an analysis of the published evidence assessing this methodology combined with review of expert opinion and experience, and involved a formal...

Surgical treatment of cervical cancer: BGCS position paper (July 2018)

7 December 2018

This is the BGCS current position on the LACC trial and reflects the abstracts released ahead of the publication. The BGCS is currently working with the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) to investigate survival after open and laparoscopic routes of surgery for cervical cancer in England. We anticipate...

Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Guidelines

13 March 2017

The BGCS has now released the first national comprehensive Ovarian and Endometrial cancer guidelines after completing public consultation and international and national peer reviewing. Click for further details...

The benefits of being a BGCS member

18 February 2016

Last week we had a very interesting question posed to us... What do members get for their £100 membership fee? I have always assumed that you just had to be a member of the BGCS and that was that if you wanted to get anywhere in Gynaecological Oncology? Did you...

Make the British Gynaecological Cancer Society your society

3 November 2015

Dear Colleague, On behalf of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society Council we would like to invite you to join the Society and for you to become engaged in its work. Through its active subgroups focused on commissioning, guideline development, non-surgical oncology, training and IT matters the BGCS provides a united...