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About the BGCS

Who we are

The society is an expert group capable of discussing, performing and formulating policy on gynaecological cancer research and treatment. The society is made up of a membership who must be introduced to and approved by the council. Members include medical practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and other allied professionals, including scientists who have an interest in gynaecological cancers.

What we do

We have one aim: To advance the science and art of gynaecological oncology for the benefit of the public.

How we do this

We organise meetings and events which provide an opportunity for people to share, discuss and debate new information. The BGCS promotes, supports and helps develop new laboratory based and clinical research projects and encourages publication of the results.

BGCS Constitution

Interested in joining?

To find out more information about becoming a member of the BGCS or to download the application form, please go to the membership page. If you have any questions or membership related matters, please contact our part-time administrative assistant, who will be happy to help you.